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Been busy, as evidenced by the fact that the last post was in February. I may be posting again sometime. Kthxbai!
Ouchy Bleedy

And a three, and a four

Huntsville, or so I was told, doesn't get much snow. But you couldn't tell that by me. Since I moved here last fall there have been three, count 'em, three snowfalls that have stuck for at least a few hours.

And there is a weather prediction for Friday about another.

I witnessed my first car wreck as a result of Monday's storm; the driver of the van was confused by the white stuff and was going down the wrong side of the road. He clipped a black SUV and went for a spin. I don't think it hurt the SUV much; the right front fender and wheel of the van was mangled. He wouldn't be driving on either side of the road without repairs.

Global Warming? Pah! I fart in your general direction.
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Kiss The Baby

I've finished Stage One of my training. Stage Two is on the job, and it takes place next week. Wish me well.

The final exam was a call acessment. One CSR got let go for reasons I think is specious. He tripped a landmine that might have gotten me if things had been different. The trainer is going to bat for him Monday. I hope he's allowed back in. My mood is in reaction to that situation.
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Headlight update

I sent off my last post to some friends, one of whom replied that I ought to consider using 3M's headlight polisher. I went out to an auto store straightaway and bought one. This morning, borrowing my friend's drill, I polished up my headlights. I should have taken before and after pictures. I may do a touch up, but it looks good enough right now.
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Buying Bon Ami in 'Bama

It all started when my friend Michael noticed the condition of my PT Cruiser's headlights. The covers have blurred from being abraded. I told him I was looking at a polishing service; he suggested I get some Bon Ami and do it myself. Comet or Ajax won't do, it has to be Bon Ami.

Great, just one problem:

I haven't been able to find a bottle of Bon Ami anyplace.

I've checked all of the Wally Worlds; there are FIVE of them in the area. I've checked the Target superstore. I've gone to some of the Ace stores; those that still exist. I checked the local Kroger's; I've been in two of them so far and have seen at least one more in the distance. One of them was the Kroger's that my friend patronizes; I called him back and asked him. They've apparently stopped selling Bon Ami since he last bought a bottle. I checked the website; the closest place, it reports, where I can buy Bon Ami is at the True Value Hardware store in Fayetteville. That's in Tennessee, for those keeping score; about thirty miles away.

So, always up for an adventure, today I went up to Fayetteville. I get there and the place is packed with tourists and people in period costumes. Some sort of street festival is going on. I later learned that it was called The Hosts of Christmas Past. That's right, six weeks before Christmas. The period costumes reminded me of those worn by some sinister bunny dolls that a friend brought to a convention. I had to park a block and a half away from the hardware store. Was my quest successful? That would be a no.

Did somebody outlaw Bon Ami in 'Bama?

I can always buy some online, but it's the principle of the thing. I want to go to a store and walk in and buy a bottle of Bon Ami and walk out. Who knew it would be that hard?

There may actually be a store in Alabama that sells Bon Ami, but I've yet to find it.
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Ouchy Bleedy

Thursday was a weird day.

Yesterday was weird. I tried to meet up with the apartment owner, which finally happened just before I had to get to work. He went to put the new key in the lock---and nothing happened. He swore it was the same key he'd used the day before. He tried a spare, it didn't work either. Oh well. Later on he called me to tell me he found another key and this one worked. Today we met at the apartment again and this time everything went smoothly; I now have a place of my own in Huntsville. I may talk about that in more detail, but let's get back to Thursday.

I got over to the office in time for my training shift. We logged into terminals in an unused classroom, and then headed to ours when the other class departed. Apparently someone had a lot of time on his or her hands; toenail clippings were found. Someone had to have taken off their shoes and socks and taken five to ten minutes clipping away.

And how was your Thursday?